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  • 23 Mar 2023 5:30 PM | Anonymous

    We are for the month of April are offering all memberships at half price for this month to celebrate our hostess with the most birthday.

    (this excludes Diamond Membership) talk to Tony and he can sort you a deal on a diamond Membership

    This will Star on the 1st of April at the Return To Woodstock Party

    Also don't forget our Club Open Day 

    this is a non-play afternoon but invite your friends that haven't been here before so they can come and look at the venue and ask all the questions that they may have. Sauasage sizzle included starts at 11.30am 

  • 23 Mar 2023 5:22 PM | Anonymous

    Welcome to all members and non-members

    Starting from the 1st April 2023 we will be having our Sunday Events Starting at 11.30am and going through till 4.00pm 

    These will be happening fortnightly instead of weekly events. So hope to see you come along to these Sundays and we will have a sauasge sizzle as well for our guests.

    Don't forget our upcoming State of Origin Nights starung in May 31st and going on into June.

  • 23 Mar 2023 5:20 PM | Anonymous

    Club 86 Licence Concerns

    As you all know the Courier Mail recently ran an article about Club 86 being illegal. This was not correct and was a complete misrepresentation of the facts.

    Up until now the club has not made comment as contrary to the newspaper report council and the club have been working together to sort out a minor administrative issue regarding the classification of the building, not the club.

    At all times since it has opened the club has operated legally and continues to do so.

    Today, council has advised the club that the administrative issue has been resolved and the premise is now classified in a manner that meets both councils and Club 86’s requirements.

    There have been several questions raised about the club, one is that some people cannot understand how the club can be situated in the CBD while other Clubs are situated in industrial areas. The reason is simple. The ICC planning scheme allows the club to situated within the CBD area and a suitable building was available. There is absolutely no requirement to be situated in industrial areas. Perhaps this is not possible in other shires, perhaps rent is cheaper in those areas. Provided the club is in the right zone and has the right classification a club may open. A swingers/lifestyle club does not require any specific licence or permission.

    For a swinger’s club to exist legally, several criteria need to be satisfied.

    The premise must be zoned for commercial or business use. EG not a house or similar in a residential zone

    The building with this zone must be or be in the process of being classified for entertainment use or similar. EG not warehousing, retail or offices.

    If a club does not meet these criteria, then it will be in contravention of the Planning Act and you could consider it illegal.

    In summary, Club 86 has ALWAYS traded legally and all concerns from council have been addressed fully and in a timely manner. Evidence has been provided to allay the concerns of all. Can you say the same thing about any of the other clubs or house parties that you visit?

    To provide you with certainty a copy of the council letter confirming this is posted here. If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact ICC on 07 38106888 or contact Club 86.


    Hope to see you at Club 86 soon.

    The Team

  • 6 Aug 2022 2:14 PM | Anonymous

    Hi everyone,

    Some great news- as of the 1st September every diamond member will be issued with a permanent locker that is exclusively theirs for the duration of their membership. Perfect for storing a few drinks or toys etc.

    Standard members will NO LONGER have to pay a $20 key deposit. We know where you live and if a key is lost we will be asking for a $20 new key fee. if you have a $20 deposit on file we will apply this as a credit to your membership unless you specifically ask for its return. So if you would like a locker for the night the keys will be at the bar. Simply ask the barstaff for a key and return it to them at the end of the night.

    Non members will still be required to provide a $20 key deposit

  • 6 Aug 2022 2:13 PM | Anonymous

    Welcome to our new and improved website. Please feel free to have a wander about and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

  • 4 Aug 2022 3:23 PM | Anonymous

    If you are a regular at Club 86 you will love this.

    From September 1st - A new membership category has been created to say thankyou to our regulars and to give you a little back.

    Welcome to the Diamond Club

    Diamond members will be able to come and go at all regular nights for 12 months at no charge. That could be 200 times a year.

    They will be provided with a permanent locker so that you can lock away your drinks, toys etc and take home the key, safe in the knowledge everything will be here for you on your return.

    At special events eg dinner parties, Diamond members will be able to attend with a 50% discount of the normal entrance fee.

    As always Diamond members will have first priority to all events and waitlists.

    This membership is an annual membership paid quarterly ( and we can offer afterpay, just ask Tony).  For single gents and couple the cost will be $500/qtr and for single ladies $200/qtr.

    This is a fantastic offer and we look forward to welcoming our new Diamond crew in September.

Standard Membership News 

All Standard Members the current entry price will remain the same, the trade off from not increasing entry prices is that we have had

.to stop every 6th visit is free. Also Lockers are available to all Club Members and Keys can be collected at the bar area and returned

there at the end of the night

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