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"Smartly dressed" is the minimum dress code for entry to Club86.

  • Gents - dress slacks/chinos, collared shirt, dress shoes.
  • Ladies - garments suited to a "fancy night out", dress shoes.

Costumes/Adult Lifestyle attire:

      • So as not to offend any surrounding neighbours, please ensure that you are appropriately covered up until you are inside Club86. 
      • You are welcome to wear costumes/adult lifestyle attire instead of "Smartly dressed" inside the club.
      • You are always welcome to dress to align with a theme night.

To avoid being denied entry re Dress Code - do not arrive in casual attire e.g.:

        • Runners or Thongs
        • Jeans Fabrics
        • Beachy / Exercise Shorts
        • T-Shirts, Polo's, Hoodies,Tracksuits
        • Ripped or Faded garments


        • To avoid breaching the Etiquette rules, ensure you have read them before arriving at Club86:  Etiquette 
        • Once you are inside the club, if you are feeling comfortable regarding removing your attire – you may also choose to follow another option listed in the Etiquette under the title Lingerie/Fetish apparel/Nudity/Robes.

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